[How-to] Apple Cider Vinegar Mocktail

A glass a day to improve digestion, reduce bloating, and make merry!

How do you make an ACV Mocktail?

  • 1 cup mineral water (sparkling, preferred)

  • 1/2 - 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar

  • a sprinkle of real salt

  • stirred

  • optional: served over ice

  • optional: lemon or lime juice

TMI AMI tips:

  • Water: In general, any spring water is preferable over 'purified' water, because the latter is often stripped of mineral content. Cold sparkling water, as opposed to flat water, makes the mocktail taste better so that's usually what I go for. Gerolsteiner in particular is my favorite brand because it has the highest Mg (magnesium) content compared to other mineral sparkling waters, such as San Pellegrino. Another reason I like Gerolsteiner is that they are packaged in glass, so I can avoid toxic BPA exposure. If I have to resort to cans or plastic water bottles, I try to get ones that say BPA-free.

  • ACV: I use Bragg because it's the least processed, uses organic apples, and it has 'chunks' of prebiotic protein enzyme molecules. The bottle says 'refrigeration is not needed' but I like to keep mine in the fridge. Shake it before use. Aside from the mocktail, I also add ACV to my salads (plus extra virgin olive oil, salt, and peppa).

  • Salt: I'm talking real salt, as opposed to those refined table salt packets you get with your take-out or delivery food. My favorite is Redmond because of its unrefined mineral content. I have also read and heard that due to pollutants in our oceans, some sea salts have higher toxin content (aka microplastics) compared to rock salts from underground mines.

  • Dosage: I would limit ACV consumption to 2 tablespoons per day, which is in line with the low FODMAP protocol. ACV is corrosive, so it must be diluted -- do not drink it straight. Also, if you are extra worried about your teeth, use a straw.

Why should you try the ACV mocktail?

  • It has zero calories and can also help curb hunger

    • This makes it the perfect pick-me-up when you are fasting (whether intermittent fasting or extended water fasting)

  • It helps prevent sharp post-prandial insulin spikes

    • In the long term, this will help avoid hyperinsulinemia and other related metabolic conditions, such as diabetes

    • In the immediate term, this means that it will help you have even energy throughout the day by preventing the blood sugar roller roaster

  • It aids in the production of digestive enzymes

    • This is why drinking it 20 minutes before a meal (especially if it is a fast-breaking meal) would be optimal

    • This helps reduce bloating, especially related to SIBO (small intestine bacterial overflow), because an increase in digestive enzymes means that the food you consume will be broken down more thoroughly, which means that at the end of the digestion process there will be less fermentation in the small intestine, which will reduce gas byproducts and bloating

  • It helps energy maintenance by aiding in electrolyte balance

    • The mineral content in the sparkling water and the salt will help prevent electrolyte loss when fasting

  • It tastes good!

    • While ACV might smell pungent don't let that scare you. When consumed in this mocktail form, you can barely taste the 'vinegary'-ness. You can also experiment by using flavored sparkling waters, or adding pieces of fruit as garnish!