Moulin Rouge: November 20

🍎 Happy Friday! This week's theme is the color red 🍎


We’re live! As in, the landing page for Femma is now up and running. Soooo, if you haven’t already, please:

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ICYMI, The Origin of Femma: For years (and over countless glasses of wine and negronis), my friend Denise and I had been talking (or more like, complaining) about the lack of proper education and resources around hormonal health. Like most other women our age, for the majority of our post-pubescent lives to date, we had been chugging along the landmines of pop-science-old-wives-tales with visits to the cold (and ironically, sterile) OBGYN office. But when we started to dig a little deeper, we found that the deeply entrenched belief that “suffering from hormones is a normal part of life” is not only defeatist and self-perpetuating, but just plain wrong. So, we decided to do our part in up-rooting this limiting belief and replacing it a more productive discourse! Femma is currently in draft/WIP version (work in progress), or in the STP (segmentation, targeting, positioning) marketing phase (am I using it right?), so keep an eye out for more updates!

Diet Cycling

If you, or a female-in-you-life, ever wondered how to beat PMS with food, look no further! It’s fun: the more we learn about how hormones affect our metabolism, the more we can adapt to look and feel our best. If you want to learn on how to optimize your diet around the physiological reality of your hormones, check out the link above.

🔴 Red Light District 🔴

Amid dropping temps (+ days turning to night at like, 4:30pm…) and rising COVID-restrictions, I am really starting to miss going to the sauna. In particular, infrared saunas are really amazing (just ask Andrew)! And while most people just talk about the cosmetic benefits of infrared saunas — after all, you do come out feeling skinnier and with glowing skin — the therapeutic benefits go beyond the surface.

How does red / infrared light therapy work? It comes down to energy. For instance, photosynthesis is how plants are powered — with sunlight, they can create energy from nutrient sources (water and carbon dioxide). The same premise is behind photobiomodulation (a long word to describe light therapy for humans). When you’re in front of the red light, you become aware of the warmth on your skin. But, you probably don’t know that the infrared rays are penetrating underneath your skin, to reach your cells’ power centers, the mitochondria. As the name suggests, these power centers create the energy to fuel cellular processes (i.e. repair and grow tissue, filter out toxins, fight bacteria and viruses, etc.). So, essentially, infrared therapy turbocharges our cells by flashing them with a blast of energy. This in turn, allows our cells to do their jobs better and faster. In practical terms, red light helps our muscles recover faster, boosts immunity, and promotes collagen production for firmer skin (have you seen those scary-looking Iron Man style masks celebrities use?).

Though infrared saunas are closed (at least here in NYC) for the time being, if you are still into improving your home-office-gym-spa-everyone-in-one space, there are some home-friendly red light products out there in form of "sleeping bag" style blankets (i.e. HigherDose) or mountable and handheld devices of various sizes (i.e. Joovv).

That’s it for this week. Hope you all enjoy very light-filled weekends xx.