[musings] VIBE HIGHER

A science-ish explanation of our 'energetic' nature & how our 'vibration' matters

Our minds tend to only track what is visible (and perceptible through the other senses). We see the coffee mug in front of us. We touch the warmth. We smell the aroma of the coffee. We taste the coffee’s balanced acidity and sweetness. But, we forget that, beneath it all, imperceptible to the naked eye, there is a vibrational frequency.

Wavelengths (& Frequency)

  • The Electromagnetic Spectrum: Most of us learned this at some point in high school, but probably never gave it much attention after the test. Recall that electromagnetic waves are present along a spectrum of wavelength (and equivalently, an inversely correlated frequency). This spectrum concept is best illustrated by visible light, which is actually a composite of many lights -- remember that science class experiment where you refract plain white “light” to reveal that it is composed of a rainbow of colors from red to violet? Well, the range that is visible to the human eye is just a tiny portion of the whole electromagnetic spectrum. Some examples of other electromagnetic waves with shorter wavelengths (and higher frequencies) that we cannot see with our eyes are UV-rays, X-rays, gamma rays, microwaves, and radio and TV waves.

Electromagnetic Spectrum. Wavelength and Frequency are inversely correlated. Visible Light that we see is but a small fragment of the EM spectrum. Image credit: https://sites.google.com/site/chempendix/em-spectrum

Matter Deconstructed

  • Wave-Particle Duality: continuing the physics lesson… Once upon a time, someone very ordinary (i.e. Albert Einstein) discovered that objects have both wave (energy) and particle (matter) natures. This led to scientists to update their view of what goes on at the subatomic level of objects. Before Einstein, they used to think that there is a nucleus and the electron orbits around it, much like a planet circling around the sun. After Einstein, scientists took the revelation of the dual wave-particle nature and used it to update their subatomic model into what they described as an electron cloud around the nucleus. The term cloud illustrates that one cannot ever pin-point with 100% certainty and accuracy the exact location of the electron (which would give it material consistency), because the electron is perpetually moving around the whole of the nucleus in an wave-like energetic manner.

Electron orbiting vs. electron cloud.

Image credit: https://faculty.wcas.northwestern.edu/~infocom/The%20Website/plates/Plate%201.html

  • Ergo, due to the energetic nature of the electron, there are infinite possible positions for the electron at all times.

Tying it all Together: We are Energy

  • We are all vibing at a frequency. If you were to keep zooming in on the coffee mug, you would see that its component atoms, as well as subatomic particles, are all vibrating. Similarly, if were to you zoom in on your own body, you would see that you are vibrating. This vibrational energy is what Eastern philosophies call chi/qi (Chinese), ki (Japanese), or prana (Indian).

  • The slower the frequency, the more dense matter is (and vice versa). This is the foundational notion in reiki, a Japanese healing modality that believes that energy gets ‘stuck’ in parts of our body due to episodes of psychosomatic (physical and psychological) trauma. Similarly, the Indian Ayurvedic tradition practices clearing blockages in the energy centers through our bodies called chakras, through breathing, meditation, and/or yoga.

If we believe in the energetic nature of ourselves and accept that there is a cloud of infinite possibilities of ourselves, then we can believe that there are infinite versions of realities. It then rests upon us to “tune in” to the frequency of our desired reality.